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Introducing Just Runners' film quiz

A family that plays together, runs together - so to this central London location for Just Runners very first quiz on all things film and tech, spearheaded by Frank and Sarah.

Frank set the questions, which came in 5 sections: Know Your Set, General Knowledge TV, Picture Quiz, 2018 Awards Season: Name That Film and General Knowledge Film and he pulled no punches. And with a £50 cash prize at the end, the phrase “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” sprang to mind. I mean, even veteran ADs, producers and directors would be stumped if you asked ‘em: ‘What does the ‘C’ in C-Stand refer to?’

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-24 at 17.39.14.jpeg

Still, due to Herculean efforts from JRUK Mk1 and 2, which included Tam, Jordan, Kate and Brian, we got there in the end…

And our Yassir was man of the match, pocketing his £50 after a sure-fire lead set him ahead of the pack.

So, congratulations to him, and see you all next month for the regular Just Runners Quiz, where real runners come to learn more about the biz, each other and win prizes.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the next one and gen up on your film, TV and set know-how in order to pocket 50 nicker.