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Rare finds at JRUK HQ

In partnership with The Sweetshop, the Rare platform’s efforts to boost diversity shows no signs of slowing. Sponsored by D&AD, Rare donated generously to the Just Runners’ cause while its R-LDN Masterclass arms new talent with the tools, inspiration and network required to thrive today and lead tomorrow.


R-LDN (Rare London) were a huge help in providing the following:

2 hybrid, urban Pinnacle bikes with Ortlieb panniers

10 kit bags each containing a NorthFace waterproof jacket and trainers, Gelert waterproof trousers, a hat, Adidas gloves and a high-vis jacket

They also contributed to an all-important Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training course so our runners are now certified, conscientious first-aiders.

Spencer Dodd, The Sweetshop’s managing director of UK & Europe, says: “When our association with R-LDN came to light, the opportunity to help raise awareness and the profile of Just Runners felt like the perfect partnership. It offers us the chance to help not just those who have established themselves within the industry but those looking to make a start, whose obstacles are not in terms of ability but circumstance. In this way, we can have a direct impact upon the present and the future.”

Organisations such as Rare and The Sweetshop are invaluable to Just Runners, as they ensure industry newbies are kitted out with transport and equipment to help them keep warm, dry and organised at work.

Cheers R-LDN and The Sweetshop!