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Just Runners Film Quiz - Halloween edition


“All right, the boogeyman can only come out on Halloween night, right?” Luckily the Just Runners Film, TV & Tech quiz is not about to let anything happen to you…

It was time for our 2nd pub quiz upstairs at The Wheatsheaf, with a strong turn out from our dedicated Just Runners quizzers plus we had a few seasoned pros in the house too, namely Alex Ryle (DOP), Dee V'lcevska (Make up), Hannah Cooper (Producer), Daniel Lumb and Crinan Campbell (of directing duo The Queen) and Justin Dickel (Director). Needless to say, our runners had to up their game to keep up with the old guard.

This week’s quiz was set by Tamara Kreitman and Johnny Hourigan and boy did the questions flow thick and fast. The initial Halloween round had everyone spooked at not knowing answers to questions such as:

a) Psycho is the first American film to feature a toilet - True of False?


b) Masks made of human skin, decapitated heads and a belt made from nipples were found at the real-life Ed Gein’s house in the 1960s. Name a horror film he inspired… (*answers below)

Many of the established crew people had to scratch their hands to work out which vfx house produced Ex Machina, Fantastic Beasts and Sherlock (answer: Milk) and it was clear that JR’s Kate Wilson was determined to win. Alas, the away team snagged the winning £50 prize so congratulations go out to Alex Ryle and Alex Bladen. You Just Runners have to step up to the plate next time…

Join us for the 3rd Just Runners Film, TV & Tech quiz on November 27th (same time, same place) to pit your wits against our quiz captains and get stories and tips on breaking into film from industry pros…

[*answers: a) TRUE b) (any one of the following) Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs and Psycho]

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